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Connection between CRM Software & Farapayamak Software


The possibility of connection between Customer Relation Management software and Farapayamak software (specialized system for sending short message) give us various features on CRM software. We can send SMS for giving information, expressing appreciation and alert messages through Customer Club Software. Farapayamak system has various, distinct and different features; this makes distinction between the CRM software of Faradade and other similar software in the market.

Customer Club

Scoring Customers

One of services that is implemented in the CRM software is giving score to the amount of customers’ order. According to the amount of order, customers can take scores after any shopping from a company or a store; this score has been recorded in the system and by reaching scores a certain point, some benefits will give to the customers including gift card, discount card and etc.

Customer Club

Consolidation of Customers’ information

Faradade customer club software has the ability of connection to the different software and websites through ‘API and Web services’; therefore, clients and resellers can gather more customers’ information such as financial data, the amount of scores for customers, inserting contacts and etc. and they can use these kind of information in order to manage them.


Customer Relationships Management

CRM means Customer Relationship Management and it is a powerful tool that helps business owners gather customers’ information, increase the speed of answering and customers’ satisfaction and will help to increase sales. Faradade in this customer club software puts the elements of this area as a title of its work.



There is the ability of making connection between stock and software in the Customer Club software. The business owners can aware of the goods in the stock; and if the amount of stocks decrease, an alert message will show on software screen and a SMS will send to the users.


Sale Management & Exporting Bill

The customer Club of Faradade has the ability of managing sales and exporting bills. The business owners can aware of total amount of their daily sale and can see a diagram of total sales. They can export separate bill for each customer.

The Features of Customer Club


The software of Customer Club is a production of knowledge-based company of Faradade. It was designed in accordance with customers’ needs and its features are as follows:

  • Awareness of goods’ demands and their popularity between customers
  • Retain customers and prevent them from rotating toward competitors
  • Presentation of services in the best and possible form
  • Presentation of services in the best and possible form
  • Revenue and increase profitability
  • Reduce additional mechanisms between the clients and the owners and officials of the organization
  • The analysis and evaluate sales
  • Understanding and earning knowledge about the requirements and customers’ needs
Customer Club