In order to quantitative and qualitative promotion of the software developing projects, the honorable chief executive officer (CEO) of company, announces the quality policy of the Co. as follows:

  • Offering new solutions and expanding usage of technology, with innovations in the field of software
  • Developing and implementation of management's software with unique features of re-branding
  • Using external capabilities in the implementation of software projects (raised in the Middle East and presence in the international arena)
  • Convert potential customers into actual/ Focus on existing customers and market development
  • Evaluation of program's performance and upgrading the quality of the products
  • Avoiding of any extra cost, reducing administrative weaknesses & executive bugs, flawless performance and system optimization
  • Consideration of the continuous improvement and the effectiveness of all processes of quality management system
  • Observance of customers' rights and protection of customer information security
  • Focus on the needs and demands of customers and making continuous relationship with them in order to increase customer satisfaction
  • Implementation of knowledge management system
  • Implementation of new systems and methods of information management in accordance with world standards

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Gaining the position of the best IT & communication brand in the field of new and creative services.

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Faradade Rayane Sorena put innovation and creativity as the frontispiece of its activities.

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These are simple but basic and effective values and we try to share them with our customers.

Senior Directors

Ali Delshad

Chairman of The Board and Technical Manager

Dr. Maryam Tehrani

Vice President & Executive

Yousef Bazrcar

Project Manager

Maryam Ghadyani

Administrative Director