Policy of Faradade Co

In order to enhance the quality and quantity of this Corporation, CEO of Faradade announced policy and politics on the use of Faradade as follows:

  • The Implementation of new knowledge and information management systems in accordance with world standards
  • Focus on the needs and demands of customers and making continuous relationship with them in order to increase customer satisfaction
  • Observance of customers' rights and protection of customer information security
  • Enhancing the knowledge and skills of employees with continuous training
  • Offering new solutions and expanding usage of technology with innovations in the field of software
  • Evaluation of programs' performance and upgrading the quality of the products
  • Avoid any unnecessary costs and optimize the system
  • Consideration of the continuous improvement and the effectiveness of all processes of quality management system

Mission and Goal

Faradade is considering to maintain its position among the top brands in the field of information technology and communications by implementing a comprehensive business plan; this company as a knowledge-based company, known its mission on advancing in localization and expansion of new technology knowledge. Because of focus on clients’ demands and turning them from potential to actual, Faradade takes a big step towards its goals by using experienced staff and modern educational facilities.

Also, since we are aware of our responsibilities as creative pioneers in the field of information technology and communications, the efforts and worth resources of company devoted to presenting new solutions to customers and the different strata of our society as well as realizing common values with employees and our partners.



Because of software localization in the country, Faradade sees its outlook to be the leading brand and dominate brand on the market of related software at Iran in the field of IT and communication; in the international arena, Faradade estimates its vision as mentioning and competing with famous brands in the world.



Faradade has distinguished itself from other competitors by valuation for its most important achievements and putting them at the forefront of its work. Sharing such a simple but effective and fundamental values with customers and all interactions is our navigator.

The most major values are mentioned briefly:


Faradade is trying to develop products and constantly improve the quality of its services with endless enthusiasm and takes all its best to be excellence in various fields.


Commitment to the responsibilities accepted by Faradade is one of the goals of the company. This company is trying to promote knowledge of its human resources by means of necessary trainings in order to further enhance accountability.

Loyalty to the Commitment

Faradade with taking steps toward fulfilling all its obligations to the customer is trying to keep security of customers’ information and their satisfaction.

Team Work

Encourage teamwork in order to achieve the goals and common aspirations is from distinctive features of Faradade Co. This company is like a family that see its growth at promotion of team capabilities and development of each member ability.


Customer Orientation

Culture of customer orientation is one of main rules of business at Faradade. Alignment of activities according to customer needs and their expectations are caused customers’ satisfaction and attraction of loyal ones that guarantees the survival of Faradade


Giving constant, powerful and 24/24 hours’ technical support services is from strengths of Faradade. Guidance to new clients in order to have better choice and training current customers in order to use easier are the differences of “Supporting Department of Faradade” among other companies.

Senior Managers


Ali Delshad

Chairman of the Board and Technical Director


Dr. Maryam Tehrani

Vice President and Director


Maryam Ghadyani

Director of Administration