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Contact Center

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Call Center is a bridge between company and their customers. Customers can make connection with company through telephone, fax, voicemail, SMS, E-mail and etc. Big companies use call center in order to manage the customers’ relationship. Conversation recording, conversation waiting queue, sending and receiving fax, call transfer and etc. are including call center features.

Dynamic Telephony System

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Dynamic Telephony System is a user-friendly and simple telephony software which is suitable for limited or in-progress businesses or shops that need to manage calls. This software can give them the features of a telephony system and also they are able to broadcast an IVR, send and receive FAX, audio message and etc.


Sale of VoIP software & hardware more

Telephony software or VoIP system work based on internal network (LAN) by means of hardware equipment and related software It would give different companies the ability of calls’ management. Farava have experts and is ready to provide advices in order to buy the best and most appropriate VoIP hardware, installation and support telephony system.

Programming services

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Programming services are one of exclusive abilities of VoIP system. Features like display customer’s info, sending SMS for customers after their conversation with operator, the ability of voting operators in answering, the ability of broadcasting audio welcome for VIP customers and etc. are additional abilities can be added to the core of VoIP software.


IP Phone More

IP Phone is an essential hardware of VoIP system. Difference between IP phones and common phones is on the IP phones’ features; such as call transfer, set up one or several extensions, telephony conference, voicemail and etc.


VoIP Gateway More

VoIP gateway is a device that make voice connections between urban lines (PSTN) and VoIP systems through internet protocol. Gateways divided into 3 major categories: analogue gateway, digital gateway and GSM gateway.


Telephony Card More

VoIP telephony card is transferred voice from PSTN lines to the VoIP system and works same as gateway. A telephone card cannot be used independently and must be placed in a server (or PC). Phone cards are in 3 categories: analogue, digital and GSM.

About Farava

Farava begin its activity in the field of IT since 2010. We have 5 years’ brilliant history in the field of VoIP. Farava has technical and experienced experts in order to present extensive services on the field of hardware and software to the customers. Farava can customize services based on customers’ needs.

Including software that have capability of production in the hand of Farava’s expert are as follows: Any kind of turn giving systems, call center, online/ dynamic telephony system, different kind of useful modules such as call assistance (display contact info.), voting module, module of sending message and VIP customers’ module.

IVR Services