Mobile Application

Faradade – Mobile Application – Cell Phone Software


Attending the meeting, Confirmed the assessment

Review existing needs on assessment survey and final approval of the employer


Writ up about cost and time

Send an estimation for the time and cost of doing the project for the employer


Approve and contract

Approved proposal and make contract with employer


Design and implement graphic format

UI design by graphic team


Start programming

Start Mobile software programming by the technical team


Project test and delivery

Last test on project and delivery it to the employer


Mobile Application

Nowadays, the role and influence of applications are an inseparable part of everyone’s life even organizations. Due to the importance and expansion volume of cell phones, it is essential to use this technology in all areas. ‘Mobile programming group of Faradade’ gives you the most appropriate software for your business by means of using modern programming methods; therefore, you are able to present services better. Faradade present services including design and launch mobile software on iOS and Android platform.


Android Platform

Android is a biggest platform for coding and designing application on smart devices. This platform is installable on all smart cell phones, tablets and also TVs. Faradade android team is designed applications with the high standards of android apps and by means of the best programming techniques. We will accompany our customers in all levels of project, from ideation and needs assessment to implementation and supporting.


iOS Platform

iOS is the exclusive platform of Apple Company. First it was spread only for iPhone and iPod, but now, all products of Apple Co. are working with this platform. The main factor in iOS programming is making an articulated and united structure for producing an app. ‘Designing and programming department of Faradade’ with the use of experienced staff is designed iOS-based apps similar to native ones according to the updated standards and targeted strategy and is implemented based on customers’ needs.

About ‘Designing Mobile Apps Department’

‘Faradade Designing Mobile Apps Department’, as an independent department, is ready to present and produce mobile software for you based on its knowledge-based groups by using the newest grammatical protocols and programming methods. Despite high variety of smart phones, generally, all mobile software is based on iOS or Android platforms. The share of other platforms is low. ‘Faradade Designing Mobile Apps Department’ is ready to give customers’ orders, because ‘Mobile Apps Department’ activate equal and parallel with other platforms.

 Mobile Application