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Web-based Apps

Web-based Apps

Web-based apps are software packages that are available through browsers. Instead of registration on a PC, database is on a central server and clients can access to them by means of internet browser. You can reach your information anytime anywhere in the world by using web-based applications.

web-based site maker (CMS)

Rayo, web-based site maker (CMS)

Rayo is a native software and a business sample of Faradade Co. in the field of designing and developing of web-based apps. This application enables clients to create a website without technical knowledge. The environment of software is user-friendly and simple, therefore, any person can pass the levels of making a website.


What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is referred to the techniques and methods that helps your website being visible by search engines and showing at the top of engines’ results. SEO helps to improve the rate of website and as a result, by increasing views, traffic of your website is rides. Nowadays, search engine optimization is among the important, essential and determinant factors for different business; this issue is also not far from the vision of Faradade web design’s specialists. By implementation of targeted and predetermined program and according to Google Standards, we professionally improve the traffic and the viewer statistic of your site in order to reach higher level at your virtual business.


UI and UX design

User Interface (UI) is makes innovative and attractive design which caused clients’ satisfaction. In parallel, User eXperience (UX) helps us to consider clients’ ethology and standardize graphic design based on customers’ demands and close themselves to the clients’ requirements. In other word, user experience is how we manner to the system and user interface is how we show the system to the clients. Faradade website designers, in addition to create a beautiful and attractive environment for your website, will consider customers and visitors’ emotions and tastes so design your website to make emotional and effective connection with visitors of your website.


Designing web site

Nowadays, due to the internet usage and new technologies login, companies need to gather a united and web-based system in order to make the internal processes of their company smart. The professional web-design team of Faradade, including professional analysts, experienced developers’ fluent in all programming languages such as PHP, C#.net, ASP.net, …, begin to review and analyze the intended company and then design the company’s considered website. Ideation and creativity is another characteristic of this team. We present the best solutions and infrastructures for our consumers in order to put successfully step closer to their goals, also, take the action of designing and coding a website according to customer’s needs and making a website available for them.

About web-based apps department

We believe that a day will come for effective citizen that would be important to use computer and internet as necessary as reading and writing; we are going to present best quality at using computer and internet in different work by researching and implementation of practical solutions. Faradade Co. embarked on the path of achieving the above objectives through establishment of designing web-based apps department. Powerful apps like ‘Rayo’ which is the professional and localized sample of a site maker, gives the ability of making a web-site for enthusiasm clients. A website can be designed with low costs and exactly, ‘Rayo’, the web maker, have this mission.


Web App