Non-Disclosure Agreement of Faradade

The protection of personal information and compliance with its legal and social responsibilities is the most important factor in our activities. Specifically, it is our job to keep the personal or private information of shareholders, board members, company employees, trainees, contractors, temporary staff, customers or suppliers confidential and not to let them disclose without any reasonable cause.

Continuing our business depends on the confidence of the community. Therefore, we are serious about fulfilling our obligations and responsibilities regarding to the security and protection of personal information.

Faradade Rayaneh Sorena is fully aware of the importance of properly protecting personal information according to the law on the protection of personal information (Rule no.2003-57). The company needs to be able to adequately protect and maintain information in order to meet its customers' expectations about our legal and social commitments. Therefore, it is essential to be able to protect the information properly. Hence, we need to have strong and robust management in our business and operations. To this end, we have to set the following privacy policy as the basic principles of company management and work hard to ensure the security of personal information.

We as Faradade Company, will announce you about the type of information we collect and the way we use and protect them in our secret confidentiality statement.

  • Privacy Policy

Protecting your information and securing it is one of our key commitments. We take all necessary measures to prevent any unauthorized access to information collected online and to ensure its security. So that, you can be assured that the information requested about your identity will only be used in accordance with the principles outlined in the statement. However, our liabilities are limited to our capabilities and opportunities. So, we will not be held responsible for any criminal acts or unexpected events that are not attributable to or caused by our actions.

Unless, we receive a court order, we will not sell or trade users' personal information, nor do we disclose any of them to third parties. If you believe that the information we have is inaccurate or incomplete, please send us an email to to correct the information.

  • Acceptance of Terms of Use and General Provision

Your use of the website is subjected to acceptance of the terms of the Privacy Policy, as amended or modified by the Faradade.

Which kind of information do we collect?

  • Full specifications and job titles. In juridical cases, company information.
  • Contact information including location and email address.
  • Your interests and preferences for products, supports and  the way to get information.
  • Information related to surveys.

What do we do with the information we receive?

We use this information to identify your needs and provide you with better proposals. In particular, we use the information collected on the site for the following purposes:

  • Creating a database of potential customers or partners.
  • Using information to improve products or services or how they are delivered.
  • Introducing new products, special offers or other information that could be interesting for you.
  • Conducting surveys and research. These can be done by e-mail or by telephone once a year.
  • Customization the website based on your interests, business model, industry, etc.
  • How to Unsubscribe from Our Recipient List?

If you do not wish to receive newsletters and other submissions from us, you may send an e-mail to to remove your name from our recipient list. Be sure that we will act on your request!

  • Privacy Policy Amendments

The internet space and its benefits are constantly changing. Similarly, the use of the Internet and its laws are in continuous change. It is obvious that the company reserves the right to update and amend its privacy policy at any time and for any reason. You can refer to the "Last Updated" section for getting aware of the latest changes.

  • Linking to Other Websites

Our site may be linked to other sites. Therefore, you may leave our site through these links. Note that we have no control over other sites other than our own. Faradade is not responsible for the personal information that you provide to other sites; because, they do not include this statement and they have their own privacy policies you better refer to.