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new phone services

Central is familiar but old name in telephone service. A popular service that in the most basic mode you can set up an IVR on your phone line and connect your costumer to the operator more targeted. Voice over Ip or VoIP telephone systems is new shape of telephone technology, with the goal of providing more attractive, easier and wider services. VoIP services by delivering software functionality can be a wonderful solution to receive or provide information to the user. And create a platform of this kind will allow you to send and receive information from users without using any human. VoIP services are services that can be provided to the user over the phone and for 24 hours a day, and also update automatically .

SMS advertising in today world

SMS advertising in today's world Specialized services of The Faradade Company have started its activities in 2011 with the name of Farapayamak. These services started with the idea of creating job opportunities in country and providing rebrand resellers, and this led to many representatives in the country to start their activities and be able to set up a reliable and virtual business. One of the important point of the SMS in current advertise world is its abilities to choose your target and makes your advertise more targeted. Today's business world requires notification in a timely manner; provide new services to previous users and communications by SMS. Faradade company tries to provide new solutions to a set of best ways for messaging infrastructure in every company no matter which field they are working in.

The importance of new Tech

We try to find new solutions to eliminate complex processes. New technology with the name of newtech is one of the Faradade’s departments that their main activities are in the field of research and implementation of technology. The truth is, each of us is important part of the ecosystem and should be diligent in maintaining it and new technologies show us way that not repeat the mistake which we have made before by our decision. Our activity in this sector is very huge, minimal use of paper with creating electronic platform is one of the most important parts of our activities. The use of RFID tags and creates innovative systems to provide new services are other aspects of our activity in this sector.

The main distinction with rivals

Faradade Corporation have the honor of membership of Tehran University's Science and Technology Park among other active knowledge-based firms with over 9 years’ experience. It was honored to obtain 3rd grade and technical approval of the High Council of Informatics.