About The Knowledge-based Company of Faradade Rayaneh Sorena

Faradade Policy

Managing Director of Faradade considers the policy of this enterprise to be effective enough in promoting the quality and quantity of the company’s performance and declares it as the following:

  • Implementing modern knowledge and information management systems according to up to date world standards.
  • Focusing on customer needs and demands and building a continuous relationship with them to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Protecting customers in privacy and data security and respecting their rights.
  • Promoting employee's knowledge and skills with continuous training.
  •  Using creativity and software innovation to provide innovative solutions and technology expansion.
  • Evaluating the performance of plans and improving the quality of products.
  • System optimization and avoiding unnecessary costs.
  • Striving to continuous improvement and making all quality management system processes more effective.

Mission Statement of Faradade Co.

Faradade intends to maintain its position among the top ICT brands, using a comprehensive business plan. The company considers expanding localization and developing new technology knowledge as part of its mission. Focusing on customers needs has made Faradade Co. take a great step toward its goals by utilizing skilled staffs and new educational facilities.

Being aware of our responsibility as creative and active pioneers in the field of information and communication technology has led us to realize the shared values of our employees and partners and devote our valuable efforts and resources to provide innovative solutions for our customers and different sections of society.

Faradade Perspective

The performance of Faradade in the field of software localization made it possible to declare it as a pioneer of information and technology arena which dominates the relevant market of Iran. Furthermore, it is anticipated that the company will be able to compete with the world's top brands.


Faradade has rated its most valuable achievements and put them at the forefront of its business process. In this way, it distinguished itself far from other competitors. Sharing such simple but effective and fundamental values with our customers, guides us toward our goals.

The most important of these values are briefly as follows:


Being Superior

Faradade has always spent an endless passion on developing its products and improving the quality of its services, and has made every effort to excel in various fields.


Being Responsible

The company has placed all of its accepted responsibilities at the forefront of its goals. Therefore, this group is trying to improve the knowledge of its crew in order to be more responsible by providing the necessary training.


Fulfilling The Covenant

Faradade strives to ensure customer information security. The company is trying to meet customer satisfaction by fulfilling all of its obligations.


Team Work

Encouraging teamwork to achieve common goals and aspirations is one of the hallmarks of the company. Our crew members are like a family that believe in developing their team capabilities as well as the growth of their individual members.


Being Customer-oriented

Delivering customer service aligned with focusing on them is one of the main rules of doing business in Faradade. This kind of business provides a positive customer experience that leads more customer loyalty and retention. Being customer-oriented is guaranteeing the survival of the Faradade.



Providing continuous, robust, 24-hour technical support is one of Faradade's strength points. Helping new customers to choose the best products, and training older users on using them more easily is one of the main distinctions of the company’s support.

Senior Managements of Faradade Rayaneh Sorena Company


Ali Delshad Tehrani

Chairman of the board



Dr Maryam Delshad Tehrani

CEO & Vice Chairman of the Board



Maryam Ghadyani

Director of Administration