Farapayamak – Short Message System – Sending advertising SMS


Farapayamak, client panel More

Farapayamak panel for clients give you the ability of registration through username and password. You can log in your personal environment of app and use different and various features for sending and receiving SMS.


Farapayamak reseller panel More

The reseller panel of Farapayamak helps you to sale SMS panels to clients or other resellers. You are able to have a management environment and different access on the app. Farapayamak reseller can launch a new business with customized and rebrand activity with separated domain.


Source of Farapayamak system More

Farapayamak presents specific source system to companies and big organizations in order to launch SMS panel on your personal or organizational servers and directly activate SMS links from Operators on their panels; also, they can manage their dedicated database.


Mehr Panel More

Another services of Farapayamak is presenting a SMS panel, named Mehr Panel, for charities. In order to distribute the culture of helping fellow in the country, Farapayamak give a free panel to the charities and put 999 free SMS for gift.


Sending advertising SMS More

According to the latest statistics announced by two-thirds of mobile phone owners around the world use SMS service and by average 6.4 billion people send SMS per day. Based on this statistic, you can ensure the importance and the value of SMS service.



Laboratory is a technical part for the people use software and systems professionally. The features of Farapayamak laboratory are as follows: open sources’ modules with the ability of editing for most updated versions, guidance documents and supporting of all plug-ins.  


Web-service & API اMore

Farapayamak web-services & API is an easy way for rising up your needs without log in. You can use these services in order to make connection between Farapayamak and windows or web-based software and simply do your job!

About Farapayamak

Farapayamak system is the first software products of the knowledge-based Faradade Co. published since 2007. You might receive advertising messages and public or organizational notices on your cell phone; If you are a brainy business owners and you want to present your services differently and ideally, so you can extend the way that you are connecting with customers and the way of noticing. Farapayamak was designed and launched powerful web-based panel with the use of latest technical methods. This panel has different and various features.