Petia, An Online Ordering Application From Nearby Pet Shops

About Petia Startup

Petia is a startup that is set up to support and facilitate the care of pets. The startup started out as a mobile app that provides services for both pet owners and pet stores. The purpose of launching and designing the Petia app is to create a customer-oriented business that can recognize the deficiencies in this field and identify the best way to help the pet owners in Iran. As such, it may be possible to provide services in the area and to eliminate some of the shortcomings.

Petia Website

Petia Services


Online Pet Shop

Petia is an app that works for both Android and iOS. Recently, a web version of the Petia app is also available. This allows pet owners to view online pet shops and to order based on their geographic location. In this application, you may pay online, cash or by credit.


Pet Wash

Like Petia, Pet Wash is also a startup that offers services about mobile pet washing and grooming at your home or workplace. Pet Wash is a business partner of Petia that offers the pet grooming services using the latest and the most up to date devices. Washing and grooming pet’s hair and nail and also, hair brushing is among the services of the Pet Wash.


Fabric bags

Since the Petia startup considers itself an animal and environmental advocate, it has defined a social responsibility for itself. To help environmental protection, Petia has designed and manufactured natural fiber fabric bags. The proceeds from selling the item is donating to animals charity.