The Main Difference Between Faradade & Its Competitors

Faradade has been a member of the science and technology park of university of Tehran for more than 9 years. Also, the company is proud to rank third and received technical approval from the Supreme Council of ICT.

What is a knowledge-based organization?

Knowledge-intensive organizations are some groups of enterprises that aim to increase the level of science and wealth, absorb new ideas and transform them into some sustainable products and business plans, expand and develop the economic goals based on knowledge, develop inventions in order to span superior technology production, promote the general culture of entrepreneurship, do many researches through design, implementation and production of new technologies and use the obtained results to commercialize the whole idea.

The Knowledge-based Organization of Faradade

Faradade is one of the leading organizations in Iran with over 9 years of active membership through knowledge-based companies. The company is proud to be a member of the knowledge-based organizations and is honored to rank third by the Supreme Council of ICT as well as technical approval.

Faradade is operating in a variety of areas, including software and hardware services such as web messaging, interactive voice responses, web design, designing applications for Android and iOS, value added services, customer club and new technologies.

Supports & Facilities Provided for Knowledge-based Organizations

Supports and facilities which are provided to help knowledge-intensive organizations will guarantee their continual activities. This kind of facilities are supporting this business in various aspects such as technical development, marketing and sales, financial development and human resources. To get more familiar with the concepts above, we will discuss them below:

  • Providing part of the cost of supply or implementation of new technology and innovation.
  • Product development and Market research.
  • Providing low or no interest loans in accordance with Islamic laws.
  • Establishing of departments such as research, technology and engineering of knowledge-based organizations in some complexes called Technology Tower.
  • Insurance coverage to safeguard and reduce the potential risks of products of knowledge, innovation and technology at all stages of design, production and supply.
  • Legal and financial support for the purpose of technology development and dissemination.
  • Holding some training courses for knowledge-based companies.

The knowledge-based organization of Faradade was able to join the list of Knowledge-intensives through the following steps:

  • Having administrative and financial infrastructure in accordance with our state and host state law.
  • Strong and efficient manpower and management.
  • Using knowledge and information management toward developing new approaches.
  •  Having new ideas and turning them into real technologies.
  • Years of experience in various ICT projects based on the latest technologies in the world.

Understanding the many effects of getting a Knowledge-Based title on Faradade’s Performance

  • Saving the cost of executing and optimizing different projects.
  • Offering new solutions and expanding the use of technology, along with software creativity.
  • Software rebranding feature.
  • Improving the quality of products and services.
  • Ensuring the rights of consumers and protecting all of their information.
  • Implementation of knowledge and information management systems in accordance with the latest world standards.